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     In order to maintain the immediate interests of the masses of users and the legal rights of the company, the real make users will be able to master our company produced products, learn more about our company product quality, easy to distinguish true and false, effectively crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, in order to purify the market, the company in October 1, 2010 to start the security system, at the same time enable security certificate (pictured). 

Security certificate identification method(On the front):
      1, "CERTICATEOF QUALITY" character temperature recognition methods: temperature scarlet letter disappear, normal temperature character display, high temperature (can use lighter scarlet letter disappear confirmation method).
      2, under temperature change certificate English word "Shanghai power station valve" colorless fluorescent identification method: please use the counterfeit detector fluorescent light can show words, (counterfeit detector voltage 220 v / 50 hz; power confirmed 4 W exposure method or higher).

Anti-counterfeiting system certification(On the back):
      1, products for each valve with a security certificate, certificate of approval on the back of the second column (Product Name)A000XXXXX "is the only single number for each valve in the factory, the number is not repeated. So that the user query complaints.
      2, the products our company will take before they go out each valve into the database for the security system, is currently one of the more advanced anti-fake method.Out of the
Security password coating factory certificate when the lower right corner must be in good condition (not open), confirmed its authenticity;On the basis of security system for the first time password query hint sound.

Security systemQuery methods and recognition
      Please scraping security certificate (the bottom right hand corner on the back) coating;I company anti-counterfeiting system query calls: 021-59222288 .According to the prompt after a 16-bit password input coatings of press # #.

You will hear the following query hint sound:
      When you hear "hello! Your query is a product of Shanghai power station valve, thank you!"Voice to confirm your purchase is a real Shanghai power station valve products.

You may hear the following query hint sound:
      When you hear "you query the anti-counterfeiting code does not exist, worry about fake, thank you for your inquiry, please hang machine."Voice to prove you purchased product is fake and inferior products.When you find this kind of products please call: 400-869-6667 complain to my company.

You may hear the following query hint sound:
      When you hear "you query anti-counterfeiting code has been query, worry about counterfeit, query time is in X X month X day for the first time, thank you for your inquiry. Please hang machine."Voice to confirm that your query product anti-counterfeiting code has been used before, worry about counterfeiting.When you find this kind of products please call: 400-869-6667  complain to my company.

Special note: first query please pay attention to the bottom right hand corner anti-counterfeiting code certificate coating must be in good condition (not open).
Company array declaration:
      To maintain the legal rights of the company, the effective crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, put an end to fake and inferior products to cheat users, a clear product authenticity, protect the vital interests of the users.The company including agents throughout the country united in October 1, 2010 comprehensive anti-counterfeiting system start and at the same time enable security certificate.As of the date of announcement, if discover products with is not my company's security certificate of approval, all for the fake and shoddy products, please the masses of users, such as found that fake and inferior products timely and complain to my company, we will be grateful to you.