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Oxygen Removal Valve

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CY Series


Installed in steam, water pipe for flow control.


Nominal pressure: PN 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4

Nominal diameter: DN100 ~ 300mm

Operating temperature: ≤ 450 ° C

Applicable medium: water, soft drinks two-phase fluid.

Connection: Butt welding, flange.

Characteristic curve: linear, equal percentage.

Flow coefficient Kv value or rated flow: According to the actual process parameters provided by the user design, manufacture.

Manipulation method: electric.

Structural Features

1. Valve cavity with removable structure, the valve cavity parts (including the valve seat, throttling sets, spools, seals, etc.) can be removed from the valve cavity, check, repair or replacement, the valve body without Pipe cut, can be used repeatedly.

2. Spool in throttling restraint, for straight-line movement, to achieve flow control.

3. Throttle sleeve made of high-chromium stainless steel hardened HRC ≥ 45, anti-cavitation erosion-resistant, durable and reliable performance.

4. Sealing surface welding Secretary too legislation cemented carbide, sealing by strict precision machining, "0" opening, the amount of leakage is zero, and long service life.