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Steam Pressure Regulating Valve

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TQY Series


Installed in the power plant boiler system for blowing ash and fuel heating steam pipe for flow control purposes.


Nominal pressure: PN16, 25, 40, 160

Nominal diameter: DN50, 80, 100

Working temperature: ≤550 ° C

Suitable medium: steam

Structure: Straight, angle

Connection: Butt welding

Drive mode: electric

Structural Features

1. This series of valves for the removable structure. Valve cavity parts (including the valve core, seat, decompression components) can be removed from the valve cavity inspection, repair or replacement.

2. According to the working conditions, the use of porous comb sleeve structure. This novel structure becomes a common decompression valve for a step-down multiple buck, and has anti-noise, anti-cavitation function.

3. Porous comb sleeve decompression assembly, composed of multi-layer sleeve with a vortex ring groove, medium uniform jet rotation, adjustable range, complete control of steam flow and pressure of the size.

4. Spool, seat sealing surface welding Secretary too Stanley cemented carbide, and heat treatment, sealing no leakage, long service life.